Friday, 9 August 2013

Feedback from our July 8 day Cairns to Cape York

Here is some feedback on what some of our riders thought of our last trip...Thank you to Brad & Jayde for taking the time to send this in to us.

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Doing a skid on the air bike


Jayde and I would like to thank you and your merry band of misfits for an excellent little trip. We were particularly appreciative of the extra effort to accommodate Jayde as the only female on the trip. The separate accommodation was beyond what we had expected to be provided with and was most appreciated.

There are unavoidably significant road sections, however where possible you took us down some great little single trail tracks and unmaintained sections that made the trip worthwhile. Each day threw in something different, from the slippery clay to the soft sand, allowing some test of the technical ability but nothing that overly risked injury, nor made us too tired to enjoy the trail.

The DR-Bricks were a highly capable machine, well set up and a pleasure to putt along on.

Thanks again to you and your team, everything was looked after for us, no dishes to be done, no servicing to sweat over and ample cold drinks to wash down the fantastic feeds.

We have been avidly recommending the trip to our friends. Your brochures have made it to my Army mates at Robertson Barracks, a few to the local Police Station and the rest to the local bike shop.

I am now troubled by the dilemma of 'where next'?

As requested, I have affixed a couple of photos, perhaps they will come in handy.

Thanks again,

Brad & Jayde.
Little bit of unique advertising

A Goanna checking out Jase's form

Checking out the DRZ
A bit of Daintree humour

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